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We know that some of you reading this like to believe in the idea of everyone gets a trophy when it comes to competition. When you’re out there on the soccer field it becomes very easy for you to know who is good and who isn’t good. You know who has the heart to go hard out there and who doesn’t. In order to be a superior player you have to do whatever you can to distance yourself from players who just aren’t as good as you. Now before you start thinking this is bad, here us out.

Inferior players have a way of making you play to their level. All you have to do is look at professional sports. When a really good teams plays a really bad team they usually don’t dominate them the way they should. In order for them to do this there has to be something on the line. If there isn’t, then the superior team plays down to the weaker team. You don’t want to be like this as a soccer player. You want to distance yourself and always be in the state of mind where you’re ready to go out there and crush it.

In order to do this you need to have on a pair of shoes that sends a clear message. Your CHEAP NIKE MERCURIAL SUPERFLY V FG - RACER PINK/WHITE/BLACK soccer cleats should scream at inferior players that your someone to be feared. You’re going to harass them out there. You’re going to make them work hard for whatever they can get. In essence you want to take the right out of them before the fight even begins. In order to send this message your shoes have to be the sort that get taken seriously. This means not wearing lower level options.

A pair of CHEAP NIKE MERCURIAL SUPERFLY V FG - RACER PINK cleats at certainly wouldn’t qualify as being lower level. First of all they are made by one of the best in the business. Second, they are field tested. You know you’re getting something that’s going to help you perform well out there. Next the design is superior. There’s nothing cookie cutter about these. When you put these on your feet you can be sure you’ll look stylish in them. These NIKE MERCURIAL SUPERFLY V 2017 gives you a nice amount of swagger and it will become easy for this to be reflected in the way you take to the game.

You never want to play down to your competition out there. When you do you set yourself up to be upset or outperformed by someone who simply might decide to put forth a better effort than you that match. What you wear on your feet can go a long way in helping you to distance yourself once and for all. When you do this, then you begin to focus on how you can up your game in order to take on tougher competition at higher levels.